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Barn Bucks Packages – WOW!

500 Barn Bucks for $425 (15% savings)
1,500 Barn Bucks for $1,200 (20% savings)
7,000 Barn Bucks for $5,250 (25% savings)

What does this mean for customers?

  • U Choose PLUS …
  • Barn Bucks can be used for camps, clinics, and special guest sessions (across LAX, Ice Player and Ice Goalie)
  • Can be shared (on request, must be done by Barn admin) within a family

1 Barn Buck has the same purchase power of $1. So if you see a class for $48, you can pay with $48 or 48 Barn Bucks from your account!

Barn Bucks FAQs
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What you will love about The Barn:

Flexibility for you and your family

Buy as many or as few sessions as you want and share with your family. Multiple classes throughout the month to satisfy any schedule.

Professional Training for all aspects of sport

For athletes on the ice, the turf or in the gym – The Barn staffs professionals to get you the maximum results.

Measured Results

Sport Testing Combines are just one of our methods of measure performance, and more importantly improvement throughout your time at The Barn.

Maximum Membership Advantage

When you want the ultimate in training for yourself, your child athlete or the whole family.

Strength & Conditioning Memberships

Hockey Player, Goalie and Skating Memberships

Lacrosse Memberships

Mission Statement

OUR MISSION is simple; To deliver tangible measurable results with every one of our athletes. Our training facility provides objective, sport-specific assessments to drive improvement, motivate training, identify weaknesses and develop athletes with individual evaluations and progress tracking.

Congratulations from The Barn and it’s staff on 50 years of excellence!