Moving To New Booking Software

The Barn is moving to a new software platform for booking.? This will be an easier way to book yourself and your family for Barn Programs and manage purchases and packages.

>>> STEP 1 – Sign The Barn Waiver to Create Your Profile <<<

The waiver link below will give you an option of signing a waiver for yourself and any minors in your family.

When creating the waiver choose ADULT and MINORS if you have a child / children that participate or will participate in activities at the Barn. This will be the majority of clients. If you have multiple children you can add them at the waiver stage – that is the simplest way to do it!

When you have completed the waiver, it will be attached to your profile and your children will be associated with your profile as well.

During the process you will sign the waiver and get an email confirmation you have to click on to complete the process.

The Waiver Process - CLICK HERE FOR WAIVER

STEP 2 – Wait For Invite to Self Service

The Barn booking software (EzFacility) will send you an invite to self service.? This is a manual process for The Barn staff to trigger, so INVITES WILL BE SENT OUT THURSDAY, AUGUST 13?between signing the waiver and receiving the invitation.? BE SURE TO CHECK JUNK MAIL as the message will be coming from Ezfacility and not the Barn email.

STEP 3 – The Barn Will Move any Credits to New System

Once your profile has been created, The Barn will move any credits from the old system to the new system so that they can be used for classes.? Barn Bucks will not be moved, but will be converted to a credit balance on your account for use towards new purchases.