COVID-19 Phase 2 Information

Updated Protocols July 10, 2020!

We want to thank everyone for making our reopening and safety protocols extremely successful. Seeing kids come off the ice, sweaty, red faced with big smiles, makes all the effort to stay within the government protocols worthwhile.

Mandatory Masks Details at The Barn

As a result of Durham Region will making it mandatory for residents to wear masks within public indoor spaces, as of July 10, everyone (player and parent) will be required to wear masks or face coverings when they are in The Barn.

We are also required to refuse entry when people are not wearing a face covering.

Are there circumstances when masks can be removed?
People will be able to remove their mask temporarily while actively engaging in an athletic or fitness activity. Once finished the athletes are required to put their mask back on as they leave the building.

Who is exempt from wearing masks?
Many are exempt including: children under the age of two, individuals with a medical condition that make it difficult to wear a mask, people who are hearing impaired, individuals unable to put on or remove a mask without assistance, and employees behind a physical barrier.

Class Limitations:

In line with Phase 2 Provincial Regulations we are now able to offer BOTH Private classes (1 student with 1 instructor) and Semi Private (3 students with 1 instructor) for hockey players, and Private classes (1 student with 1 instructor) for Goalies. Ice Rentals are limited to 3 people at a time per rental. All social distancing guidelines will be strictly enforced. These changes will take effect as of Monday, June 29th.

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*NEW* BUY Player GROUP Private Sessions
(3:1 Ratio) your 3 players, our coach:

Player 1 Hour GROUP Private Session (3 skaters, our Coach – $240)

BUY Goalie Sessions:

Goalie 30min Private Session (Single Class $95)
Goalie 30min Private Session (5 Pack of Classes)
Goalie 30min Private Sessions (10 Pack of Classes SAVE $50)

BUY Player SEMI Private Sessions
(3:1 Ratio), 2012-2008 Birth Years ONLY:

Player 1 Hour SEMI Private Session (Single Class $80)
Player 1 Hour SEMI Private Session (5 Pack of Classes)

BUY Player Private Sessions (1:1 Ratio):

Player 1 Hour Private Session (Single Class $160)
Player 1 Hour Private Session (5 Pack of Classes)
Player 1 Hour Private Sessions (10 Pack of Classes SAVE $50)

BUY Half Ice Rentals:

Half Ice 1 Hour Rental (3 Participants)
Half Ice 1 Hour Rental (3 Participants) (5 Pack)

What you need to know:

  1. While the government has allowed gatherings up to 10 people, that does not mean we can have 10 people on the ice. We are allowed 10 people in the building as long as we can continue to meet the required 2 meter physical distancing rule. 
  2. Activities that do not allow for 2 meter physical distancing are not permitted.
  3. Rentals that do not follow the 2 meter social distancing rule will have their session terminated with no refund.
  4. Games or scrimmages are not permitted. 
  5. Change rooms remain closed. 
  6. It is vital to understand that we do not take our reopening lightly as it  pertains to the health and safety of our clients and our staff. As such there will be strict protocols in place as per government guidelines. 
  7. We have established an updated policy and procedures around the cleaning of our facility; only using government approved cleaning products. 
  8. Prior to opening, the entire facility was cleaned using government cleaning products, even though we hadn’t been open for over 2 months. 
  9. The gym and Ninja course will remain closed. The gym is currently targeted to reopen during Phase 3 pending government guidelines.

Safety Protocols We All Must Follow

  1. Players will arrive at the front door no more than 10 minutes before start time. They will use hand sanitizer as they enter.
  2. We reserve the right to turn players away who appear to be sick, have been in contact with someone who is sick, or is just returning from traveling. 
  3. There will be no spectators including parents.  
  4. We will not be using change rooms. Players will need to come to the rink at least halfway dressed.
  5. As a result of no parents/spectators, players will have to be able to tie their own skates or come with them already tied and wearing skate guards. 
  6. Players will be guided as to which bench to use to finish getting ready. After each use this bench will be cleaned. 
  7. On the ice coaches will be instructed to maintain the 2 meter physical distancing rule. 
  8. To control the flow of traffic, once the session is over players will leave via the back door beside the zamboni door.
  9. Players will use hand sanitizer prior to exiting the building. 
  10. Rentals that do not follow the 2 meter social distancing rule will have their session terminated with no refund.

Each Phase is one step closer to life getting back to normal. Again, we couldn’t be happier about how Phase 1 was received and look forward to being able to fully reopen in the near future. A big part of this will come from everyone, including staff and clients respecting the protocols that have been put in place. As more restrictions are lifted by the government, we will continue to expand our offerings.

We look forward to seeing you at The Barn! Should you have any questions please contact us at or call us at 289.481.1046. We do anticipate a very high volume of inquiries at first so please be patient with us. We will respond as quickly  as possible. 

Take care and welcome back,

Paul Vorstadt,
General Manager