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About Us

The Barn truly is an Elite Performance Centre that provides you everything you need under one roof to accelerate your athletic performance.

The Philosophy

We believe that elite athletes, you know the ones that out play, out commit, just plain outshine most others, have an innate determination. The determination to be the best. We wanted to provide a home for those with that passion for their sport. A home where they can live – and work – and become what they want to be – truly the best.

The owners of The Barn all lived and played here in Durham Region. This is a community that has one of the most competitive landscapes for Hockey and Lacrosse in the world. This is a place that deserves a facility that focuses on your sport and prepares you, our elite athletes, for the challenges ahead at the next level, whether it be Junior level, NCAA, Varsity or eventually Pro.

The Belief

We believe that all top athletes require the same things to be the best: Intuition in their sport, the ability to understand their game and see the unseeable. Playing to their strengths while pushing themselves to improve their weaknesses. Driving themselves to achieve continual improvement of speed, agility, accuracy, endurance and teamwork. Understanding that what happens in a game is only a part of what it takes to be a great athlete.

We believe that great athletes live to be great athletes every minute. They are dedicated to how often they work out, how often they practice their sport, what they eat and how they recover.

The Methods

The key to measuring improvement is exactly that – measuring. That is why we utilize measurements throughout the training process to determine what areas need the most work and focusing a customized program designed for each athlete.

The Barn utilizes the best in equipment, technology, and people to improve all aspects of your performance – and we provide you with measured results.

We can tell you how much stronger, faster, leaner you have become from our training together. How much longer you can maintain peak output. How much more powerful your shot has become or how much quicker you can move post to post.

The Barn offers clinics, classes, camps, mini-leagues and strength and conditioning all designed to push you forward.

The Facility

Our facility is equipped with two ice rinks, one indoor turf, and a large fitness and nutrition centre.

We have one full size ice rink and one condensed ice rink to service all of your skating, shooting, goaltending and other hockey needs.

The indoor lacrosse turf allows us year-round training in lacrosse whether your athlete plays Box, Field or both. Our training is second to none.

Our 7,000 square foot strength and conditioning centre completes our full circle of Elite Performance training.

We are proud to present to the community the barn, a complete full circle facility designed specifically to provide the on ice or on turf experience, nutrition, and strength training your athlete needs to be the best of the best.