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500 Barn Bucks for $425 (15% savings)

1,500 Barn Bucks for $1,200 (20% savings)

7,000 Barn Bucks for $5,250 (25% savings)


What the heck is a Barn Buck?

1 Barn Buck has the same purchasing power of $1.  So if you were to buy 500 Barn Bucks for $425 (+ tax) you would be able to book $500 worth of classes.

I loved the U-Choose Package flexibility – why change?

We know you loved it!  That’s why we made this a U-Choose PLUS option.  With U-Choose packages if you bought 10 Hockey Player classes you could choose whatever Hockey Player classes you want – nice right?  Now with Barn Bucks you can buy in bulk and save the money – and book Classes, Camps, Leagues, and more across ALL of the sports we offer.

I have multiple family members, some play Hockey and some play Lacrosse – is Barn Bucks for me?

Absolutely!  Let our friendly staff know you want to setup Barn Bucks sharing in your family.  Once we have the sharing setup you can buy from your parent account and use the Barn Bucks across all members of your family for any of our Camps, Classes or Leagues!

Do Barn Bucks expire?

Yes, unused Barn Bucks expire 1 year from the date of purchase.  You can click on the MY INFO tab and select the sub-menu option of “Account” to see your current status.

How Do I know how many Barn Bucks I have left?

When logged into our Mindbody portal you can click on the MY INFO tab and select the sub-menu option of “Account” to see your current status.

Can Barn Bucks be used for my Strength & Conditioning Membership?

Unfortunately one of the only limitations of Barn Bucks is that they cannot be used for any monthly memberships.

What happens to my old U-Choose Classes that I haven’t used yet?

All unused U-Choose packages were converted to Barn Bucks at their equivalent value.  So if you have 1 hour of standard hockey player class left in U-Choose, you will have 48 Barn Bucks (the cost of 1 hour of standard hockey player in Barn Bucks) for you to use to schedule any class of that type in future – OR – you can use those Barn Bucks to schedule ANY of our options that is 48 or less Barn Bucks!

Buying barn bucks is as easy as 1-2-3

  1. Go to this link
  2. Choose Barn Bucks (Save Big) from drop-down menu
  3. Make your selection
Buy Barn Bucks NOW!