Carson Bird Elite 360 High Performance Off Season ELITE Goalie Program

“Are your habits of today on par with the dreams you have for tomorrow?”
This camp is designed to prepare goaltenders for the next phase of their hockey career! The Goalies chosen will be put through the most complete training regiment offered in Durham. It will will include on ice ski development, mental preparation, vision training and strength & conditioning.
At Carson Bird Goalie School we relate all of our teaching to the most current style of play. We focus on butterfly techniques while implementing a hybrid mindset, as well as rebound control and proper positioning at all times from all different angles. Proper positioning makes the hard stops easy and controllable.
On-Ice Sessions Includes –
  • 15 On-Ice Goalie Development Sessions
  • 3 Privates (Thirty Minutes)
  • 5 Semi privates (one hour)
  • Group sessions 2:1 Ratio
  • Shooters will be junior/university/professional level
  • All group sessions on the large pad
  • Privates and Semi-Privates lead by Carson
  • On-Ice Combine Testing at beginning and end of program in partnership with Sporttesting.
  • Video WorkDeveloping pre-game routine
Group sessions are Sunday evenings starting May 26th to Aug 18th
Group sessions on Wednesday evenings begin July 17th to Aug 14th
Prior to on ice session on Wednesday will be 20 minutes of goalie specific Dryland training.
Scoop of Biosteel Drink the pink prior to on ice sessions and Protein shake after
Vision Training
Receive the Most Comprehensive Sports Vision Training Available provided by Heads UP Mental Game Coaching. The same training done by goalies like Braden Holtby.
  • 3 times per week
  • Improved overall visual awareness
  • Enhanced peripheral awareness
  • More accurate anticipation timing
  • Quicker reaction timing
  • Improved eye-hand coordination
Mental Game Coaching
2 Seminars from Mental Game Coach at The Hidden Hundred
Seminar 1 will focus on how to mentally prepare for off season, including setting goals and more importantly how to stay on point and achieve them. Seminar 2 How to mentally prepare for games, big games, keeping focus and how to deal with mistakes.
Nutritional Seminars. Good nutrition is important, especially among high level athletes. Any type of sports put immense stress on the body. The demands of any physical activity cannot be met without ramping up your diet. Simply put, the nutrition needs of an athlete are difference from an average person.
In today’s game to be great on the ice, quite often starts off the ice. In order for top goalies to execute the skills learned on the ice they need to develop strength and flexibility in the gym.
The Barns Strength and Conditioning Centre lead by experienced professional coaches, combined with a results driven culture is designed to help athletes achieve their goals.
  • S&C Membership
  • Athletic-Physical Assessment/ Goal Setting
  • Individualized-Customized Programming
  • Experienced & Knowledgeable Coaching on a 5:1 basis
  • Unlimited access and sessions
  • Protein Shake – Post Training Session
Total Price $1955 plus HST
Add 3 months of Strength and Conditioning for $300 plus HST

Payment options:

  • 3 Monthly payments of $655 plus HST (No Strength and Conditioning)
  • 3 Monthly payments of $100 plus HST (3 months Strength and Conditioning add on)

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