How to Book a Session In New Software

FIRST You must have already FILLED OUT THE WAIVER (Click Here to Get Started)

SECOND You must have been invited and completed your name and password setup (this can take up to 24 hours but we are trying to be quick on it!)

NOW…. once you have your password setup here is how you book a session:

Once you are Logged into your profile you can click on BOOK Sessions (on web and mobile – on mobile it may be under MENU button on top left)

Using the Date Selector and Filter buttons will allow you to narrow your search.

Next – click on the session you would like to book for yourself or YOUR CHILD.

Are you have selected the session you can make final arrangements:

BE SURE to select the participant from the ?BOOK FOR? selection.? If you child is the participant, select their name.

If you already have a package (or multiple packages) that can be used for this session you will be able to select and book.? If you do not have a package on your account that is compatible you will be able to ?Buy Package.?