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We are excited to announce that effective August 14th, we will be switching hockey player classes from Age Groups to Skill levels.

This improved format has been implemented after collecting excellent feedback from clients and our coaches. As a result of our athletes progress being measured (combine and report cards) players will now have ability to graduate to higher levels. Something we know will benefit every single player!

At The Barn our clinics and courses focus on constantly improving individual skills and there is no better way to accomplish this then by having like skilled players competing with one another.

An example: If an athlete is playing A but can keep up with the AA or AAA players the instructors may allow them to “graduate” into the higher class.

Please note the changing of skill set is solely at the discretion of our instructors and will be documented on your athletes accounts.

Classes will run as follows:

Houseleague/Select Hockey Players
AE/A Hockey Players
AA/AAA Hockey Players
We are here to answer any questions you may have with this shift and we know the results are going to be amazing!

Hockey Development

The sport of hockey gets faster, stronger, and smarter with the passing of each day. We ensure our athletes stay ahead of the competition. Guided by purpose, inspired by innovation, our role is to deliver a high-precision process showing athletes where they stand and to provide a blueprint for real improvement. We strive to push athletes to achieve new levels in performance.

THE BARN specializes in both player and goalie training– offering Skill Development Classes, Camps, Private Classes and Memberships. We also offer Team Development for teams looking to take their practice and training to the next level.




Forward and Defense


Team Development

For the most complete training development experience in all of Durham Region look to our monthly memberships. Depending on age and level they will include:

  • Personal Player Assessment
  • Report Card every 3months (Measured and tracked through Combine Testing)
  • Unlimited Strength, Speed and Conditioning Sessions Per Week
  • Unlimited On-Ice Per Week
  • Additional Weekend and Evening Ice time available for shooting & skills
  • Impacts of social media and how to use it effectively
  • Access to sports psychologist

Development Programs

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At THE BARN, player development is rooted in the understanding that fundamentals are the basis for every elite player. Our goal, for all our athletes regardless of age, is to develop world class fundamentals. That is a term you hear all the time–world class fundamentals–but what does it really mean? Here our athletes have mastered the fundamentals of hockey only when they the have the ability to perform a skill consistently well at high speeds, under fatigue and pressure in a competitive environment.

What makes our player development different? On top of our coaches and their dedication to skill development there are two key differentiators. Firstly, our class sizes are smaller. Class sizes will be no larger than 24 athletes at a 5 to 1 ratio. Thus ensuring the athletes get the attention they need to truly learn the skills that are being taught. The second differentiator is that our classes are for the elite, rep players only. Creating an competitive yet still fun environment in which players can thrive.

The Barn is pleased to have Carson Bird head up our Goalie Development programs. Whether you require individual Private sessions, semi-private sessions, at practice assistance, or game evaluations – we have a solution for you.

We have an extensive schedule of goalie training to suite your needs and availability.

Teams are able to take advantage of the many development possibilities The Barn has to offer, both on and off the ice. Our staff will work together with team coaches, to customize a training program best suited to address their specific areas of concern. This includes both players and goalies. Different options include game tactics, individual and technical skill development, and to approach the mental side of game.

Benefits of Team Development Program:

  • Aids coaches in the development of players
  • Allows coaches to focus on tactical development
  • Added value to team program
  • Increased skill and confidence to players
  • Makes team program more attractive to parents

Together we will build and execute a more dynamic program for your players.

Learn to Skate

Our Learn to Skate programs utilize small class sizes and experienced qualified instructors and volunteers to achieve the best results in a fun, non-overwhelming environment.

Learn to Play Hockey

Our Learn to Play Hockey program is the perfect introduction to hockey. Our players are introduced to shooting and stick handling while improving their skating and turning abilities. Players are required to wear full hockey equipment. The classes will consist of 20 minutes of skating drills, 20 minutes of hockey drills and 10 minutes of a mini game.

Classes Available

Co-Ed Classes Available

  • Normal Classes (1 hour, 20 players/hr max)
    • Power Skating
    • Defence
    • Battle and Compete
    • Skating and Skills
    • Developmental
    • Body Checking (with Battle and Compete)
    • Offensive
  • Semi-Private Class (2:1 ratio)
  • Private Class (1:1 ratio)

Girls Only Classes Available

  • Normal Classes (1 hour, 20 players/hr max)
    • Girls Power Skating
    • Girls Skating and Skills
    • Girls Defence
    • Girls Battle and Compete
    • Girls Developmental
    • Girls Body Checking (with Battle and Compete)
    • Girls Offensive
  • Semi Private Classes (2:1 ratio)
  • Private Classes (1:1 ratio)

Goalie Classes Available

All classes are 1 hour

  • Normal Class (4 goalies/hr max. 2:1 ratio)
  • Semi Private Class (2 goalies/hr max. 2:1 ratio)
  • Private Class (1:1 ratio)

Class Schedule

We wanted to give you the MAXIMUM flexibility possible when you want to schedule your children for classes – U-Choose at its best.

In order to do this we took a 4 day (Monday through Thursday) schedule and made sure that there is at least one program each day for each age group for both co-ed and girls only classes.  Each week we shift each class so that if the athlete can only make it on Mondays throughout the summer, each week they can experience a different class.  Also, if the athlete wants to come a few times a week, they will experience a different class each day of the week.

Don’t forget that our U-Choose classes do not expire for 12 months, so with our flexibilty combined an extended use period you are sure to get your althlete the training they need around your schedule.

Packages Available for these Sessions

1 Hour Ice Classes

Semi-Private Training

Private Training

Save Big with Barn Bucks Package Pricing:

500 Barn Bucks for $425 (15% savings)

1,500 Barn Bucks for $1,200 (20% savings)

7,000 Barn Bucks for $5,250 (25% savings)


Through our partnership with Sport Testing we will incorporate reliable test data – faster and easier than ever!

Why Test? Test so you know how you can be the best. Testing clearly identifies strengths and weaknesses so athletes and coaches can adjust training and competition schedules accordingly using unbiased data, not guesswork.

For What? We can test an athlete’s abilities in all aspects of any sport. We measure speed, agility, endurance and accuracy in any combination thereof up to the highest level. The possibilities are truly limitless.

How Often? Testing should be done as often as possible depending on the sport season. At least one testing session every three months is the ideal frequency required to properly track an athlete’s progression.

Sport Testing’s high-precision systems show any athlete where they stand, giving a blueprint for real improvement. Amazingly quick real-time testing and online analytics allows athletes and coaches to adjust training using unbiased data.
Sport Testing systems and data are used by the NHL, CHL, NLL, NBA, CFL, NCAA and CIS teams, plus trainers, national sport associations and amateur clubs internationally for:

  • Skills and fitness benchmarking
  • Progress tracking and player development
  • Talent identification and try-outs
  • Training with instant feedback
  • Research and data analysis
  • Wireless Sport GatesTM and Sport IDTM hardware sync with the Sport HubTM interface.
  • After a session, instantly upload results to your Athlete Manager online database.
  • Raise your game with the complete and seamless solution that gives you unmatched sport-specific knowledge for the improvement of athletes and sport.

Memberships (Players and Goalies)

For the most complete training development experience in all of Durham Region look to our monthly memberships. Depending on age and level they will include:

  • Personal Player Assessment
  • Report Card every 3months (Measured and Tracked through combine testing)
  • Unlimited Strength, Speed and Conditioning Sessions Per Week
  • Unlimited On-Ice Per Week
  • Sports yoga
  • Personalized Nutrition and Meal Planning
  • Additional Weekend and Evening Ice time available for shooting & skills
  • Impacts of social media and how to use it effectively
  • Access to sports psychologist

Why Choose Us

We believe in developing a hockey player to be at their best on and off the ice. We will help them set and reach their goals and potential with the standardized technical curriculum and methodology offered through THE BARN.

At THE BARN we thrive to produce successful players. Teaching commitment and dedication through training and skill development is the hallmark of this industry. Some of our principles and theory’s include:

  • Doing the right thing for the player at the right stage in their development
  • Adopting a player-centered approach, understanding that not every player will respond the same to certain development technics and trying methods
  • The broader the foundation of players the more successful the game
  • Viewing player development as a process over the long term
  • A need to better educate parents on the hockey development of their child – it is okay for parents to want their kids to get to the highest levels but they need to know the best way to go about it.


Our Instructors

Felice Turano

Since the age of 4, I have had skates on my feet. Throughout my hockey career, the support and motivation I received from my coaches and trainers has given me the passion to help children reach their full potential, and teach them the necessary skills needed to be successful on and off the ice. It brings me great satisfaction watching a child I have helped develop, take their hockey career to the next level.

Frankie Littlejohn

I was fortunate throughout my childhood and career to have amazing role models who encouraged my love for the game. My passion is hockey, so when I was done playing professionally I knew my mission in life was to give back to the young children learning to love the game. There is nothing that makes me happier than seeing the sense of accomplishment on kids’ faces, seeing them transfer their mindset and develop their skill set in a way that provides them opportunity to dictate the play.

Carson Bird

Carson loves working with goalies and helping them advance.  No matter what level you are, you can always improve, and for the goalies at a lower level, maybe all you need is that little bit of help to get to the next step.

Carson has experienced the excitement of making the jump to a higher level, and knows what it takes to get there. Now he wants to help others make that jump.

Carson Bird’s Experience

Carson Bird is the Head Instructor of Carson Bird Goalie School as well as Head of Goalie Development for the Stouffville Clippers Minor Hockey Association, Unionville Minor Hockey Association, and the Clarington AAA Toros Hockey Association.

Carson is also the Goalie Coach for the UOIT Ridgebacks CIS Men’s Hockey Team, the UOIT Ridgebacks Women’s Hockey Team and the Clarington Eagles Junior C Hockey Team.

Throughout the 2014-2015 Season, we also worked with 81 boys and girls teams in the OMHA, OWHA, and GTHL from Whitby, Ajax, Pickering, Oshawa, Clarington, Newcastle, Toronto, Uxbridge, Port Perry, Stouffville, Markham, Georgina, Newmarket, Vaughan, Lindsay, and Richmond Hill.

Carson has AAA experience as well as Junior A and Junior C experience. Over Carson’s playing history he has been invited to attend the Ontario Under 17 Selection Camp as well as the Oshawa Generals OHL Main Camp.

Our Happy Clients

“Another great camp Carson! Ben loved the drills, the games and the video review sessions. Every camp he absorbs more and more.”

Jane and Mike Toner

“Connor’s game has improved dramatically. Our team has gone from last to 4th place in the regular season, to first place in the playoffs.”

Dave Chevrette

“When working on the ice, Carson has a unique ability to make ALL kids feel like a star. He is patient and passionate about what he does.”

Kelly Simms

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