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Lacrosse Development

Our program at “THE BARN” is designed to bring Lacrosse players to the next level. We are the only year round lacrosse training facility in Durham.

As in most sports, the game of lacrosse gets faster, stronger, and smarter with the passing of each day. We ensure our athletes stay ahead of the competition. Guided by purpose, inspired by innovation, our role is to deliver high-precision systems showing athletes where they stand and to provide a blueprint for real improvement. We strive to push athletes to achieve new levels in performance.

THE BARN specializes in both player and goalie training– offering Skills Development Clinics, Camps, Private Classes and Memberships.  We also offer in Team Development for teams looking to take their practice and training to the next level.

The one common characteristic of all leagues is the focus on skill development, especially at the rep level.  How is this being measured and tracked? With our Combine technology we run the exact same sport specific testing that is run at the professional level. With this technology you can:

  • Rank your top players by skill in each age group in a reliable, professional and unbiased manner.
  • Eliminate the natural bias that goes into picking teams.
  • Based on the results of the combines coaches can tailor practices on strengths and weaknesses
  • Track progress on a year over year basis
  • Track which coaches do a great job of developing players
  • Adjust development programs over time based on results

“Some people want it to happen; some wish for it to happen, others make it happen”

Michael Jordan




Forward and Defense


Team Development

Player Development

At THE BARN, player development is rooted in the understanding that fundamentals are the basis for every elite player. Our goal for all our athletes is to develop world class fundamentals. That’s a term you hear all the time–world class fundamentals–but what does it really mean? We believe athletes have mastered the fundamentals of Lacrosse only when they have the ability to perform a skill consistently well at high speeds, under fatigue and pressure in a competitive environment.



As a coach through the use of combines you can now apply the results to manage your team:

  • Helping decide who should play what position
  • Develop practices based on strengths and weaknesses
  • Use for reports on player development


Never has it been easier for an athlete to know where they stand compared to the professionals, compared to peer group and most importantly compared to themselves. There are many uses of individual combines:

  • Track individual progress over time
  • Allows you to focus training on weak areas
  • Use results to help gain scholarships
  • Use results to help get drafted to junior or professional teams.

At THE BARN we offer several different avenues for player development including camps, clinics, and memberships.

Clinics and Camps

Shooters and Scorers

March – April (8Weeks)

This clinic is designed for players that are looking to improve their offensive skills in a fast paced, positive and fun environment. The Shooters and Scorers camp will teach each participant numerous shooting and scoring skills along with footwork to help build confidence in goal scoring. Shot instruction focuses on balance, release, power and accuracy.

The Turf component of the camp is focused on:

  • Shooting Balance and positioning
  • Hand-eye coordination
  • Shot selection
  • Shot release with velocity and accuracy
  • In tight scoring situations
  • Game situation drills
  • Face-offs/Net Drives/Battling Drills
  • Goaltender anticipation
  • 5:1 player to instructor ratio

Defense Skills

The focus of the camps is to teach players the skills and tactics required to become an elite defenseman.

The Defense Clinic provides players the opportunity to improve the defensive side of their game in a very demanding, position specific,  positive and supportive environment.

The on turf focus includes:

  • Quick, explosive transitional footwork
  • Pivots and lateral mobility
  • Hinge play and first pass
  • Correct positioning in odd man rush situations
  • Shot selection
  • Down low battles and positioning
  • 5:1 player to instructor ratio

Battle and Compete

March – April (8Weeks)

The Battle and Compete Camp will push players to compete at a higher level and to become more comfortable with body contact and physical engagement type drills. Players will learn how to utilize their bodies to win the 1 on 1 battle, races for loose balls, ball protection and wall play.

The Turf component of the camp is focused on:

  • Engagement drills
  • Small area games
  • Battle and competing skills
  • Ball protection
  • Correct body checking/receiving skills
  • Respect for your opponent
  • 5:1 player to instructor ratio
THE BARN is excited to offer Elite Performance Development Camps in Durham. Our camps deliver an age and level specific training experience designed to develop the complete player. Training sessions provide a multidisciplinary approach. THE BARN has partnered with Sport Testing which will run each player through a combine at the beginning and end of every camp. This will provide measurable data on each player tracking Speed, Agility, Explosive first step and Hand-eye coordination.

Camp sessions will be broken down into different areas of the game;

  • Offensive threat
  • Defense work including gap control and working through an offensive pick
  • Stick technique
  • Agility
  • Explosive foot work
  • Ball control and loose ball work
  • Shot selection, speed and accuracy
  • Crease work (putting the ball in the net)
  • Tight area ball control
  • Game play (finding the opening and getting open)

Head Instructors are Shawn Williams and Derek Suddons

March Break Camps

Pre-Tryout Camps

Summer Camps

Pre-Season Camps


Through our partnership with Sport Testing we will incorporate reliable test data – faster and easier than ever!

Why Test? Test so you know how you can be the best. Testing clearly identifies strengths and weaknesses so athletes and coaches can adjust training and competition schedules accordingly using unbiased data, not guesswork.

For What? We can test an athlete’s abilities in all aspects of any sport. We measure speed, agility, endurance and accuracy in any combination thereof up to the highest level. The possibilities are truly limitless.

How Often? Testing should be done as often as possible depending on the sport season. At least one testing session every three months is the ideal frequency required to properly track an athlete’s progression.

Sport Testing’s high-precision systems show any athlete where they stand, giving a blueprint for real improvement. Amazingly quick real-time testing and online analytics allows athletes and coaches to adjust training using unbiased data.
Sport Testing systems and data are used by the NHL, CHL, NLL, NBA, CFL, NCAA and CIS teams, plus trainers, national sport associations and amateur clubs internationally for:

  • Skills and fitness benchmarking
  • Progress tracking and player development
  • Talent identification and try-outs
  • Training with instant feedback
  • Research and data analysis
  • Wireless Sport GatesTM and Sport IDTM hardware sync with the Sport HubTM interface.
  • After a session, instantly upload results to your Athlete Manager online database.
  • Raise your game with the complete and seamless solution that gives you unmatched sport-specific knowledge for the improvement of athletes and sport.

Memberships (Players and Goalies)

For the most complete training development experience in all of Durham Region look to our monthly memberships. Depending on age and level they will include:

  • Personal Player Assessment
  • Report Card every 3months (Measured and Tracked through combine testing)
  • Unlimited Strength, Speed and Conditioning Sessions Per Week
  • Unlimited On-Ice Per Week
  • Sports yoga
  • Personalized Nutrition and Meal Planning
  • Additional Weekend and Evening Ice time available for shooting & skills
  • Impacts of social media and how to use it effectively
  • Access to sports psychologist
  • SAT Assistance
  • Academic Advisement

Why Choose Us

  • Doing the right thing for the player at the right stage in their development
  • Adopting a player-centered approach, understanding that not every player will respond the same to certain development technics and trying methods
  • The broader the foundation of players the more successful the game
  • Viewing player development as a process over the long term
  • A need to better educate parents on the hockey development of their child – it is okay for parents to want their kids to get to the highest levels but they need to know the best way to go about it.


Our Instructors

Derek Suddons

I am honored to work with boys and girls of all ages to encourage the growth of lacrosse in the area!

As part of the lacrosse community for over 25 years, I look forward to sharing some insights that I have learned along the way.  Playing minor lacrosse, high school, NCAA, NLL, and Major Series Lacrosse for the Brooklin Redmen, I am truly delighted to relive and experience in the next generation of lacrosse athletes.

At “THE BARN” our foundation will be; work hard, play hard, and work TOGETHER.   The main focus is getting better at the sport we love while having fun.  We will promote unity, teamwork, and strength of character.

We look forward to being a part of the journey and building relationships to last a lifetime.

Shawn Williams

Shawn is a highly decorated and respected lacrosse player and coach.  Shawn has played 17 years in the NLL, from 1998-2014.  He is a two-time NLL Champion (2002 Toronto Rock and 2007 Rochester Knighthawks). In the World Championships for Box Lacrosse, he helped lead Canada to two Gold Medals in 2003 and 2007. He is also sitting in 5th in the Overall League Leading Scorers and played in six NLL All-Star Games. Shawn has coached many minor lacrosse teams to Provincial Championships and highly motivates his players to push themselves to the next level.  Shawn used his leadership skills to captain the Brock University Lacrosse team in the mid-nineties and returned to assist with the coaching development of the players after graduation.  Shawn’s self-discipline, determination and motivation are skills he shares with lacrosse players on and off the field.  He is creative when teaching skills while at the same time allowing room for the player to use their creative side.  Shawn strives for success in all areas of life while his passion for sport is contagious.

Shawn currently plays for the Brooklin Redman while being both an Assistant Coach and Scout for the Buffalo Bandits of the NLL.

Our Happy Clients

“I just wanted to say a big thank you  – this Future Redmen camp was very well done, well organized and offered a good variety for the kids.”

Adam Fox

“Connor’s game has improved dramatically. Our team has gone from last to 4th place in the regular season, to first place in the playoffs.”

Dave Chevrette

“When working on the ice, Carson has a unique ability to make ALL kids feel like a star. He is patient and passionate about what he does.”

Kelly Simms

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