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Waken Your Inner Ninja!!!

Coming to The Barn June 2018

Credit goes to NBC’s American Ninja Warrior

Why sit at home and watch American Ninja Warrior when you can become  your own Ninja Warrior at The Barn’s 5500 sq ft Ninja Course!.

The Barn EPC is excited to announce the opening of two Ninja Courses in our facility.  A course for children, youth and an adults to challenge even the highest levels of athlete.

The Ninja Youth Course:

If your child loves sports, they are going to love the Ninja Course!
A place where you can take playing at the park to the next level. Does your child love racing around the park? Perhaps playing tag or grounders? Love climbing, jumping and testing their abilities to do more?
We’ve got the place for you! Guaranteed that your ninja will love the thrill and challenge of our NEW Ninja Course.
They will have the opportunity to explore new heights and challenge themselves and their friends on elements such as:
  1. Salmon ladder
  2. Floating walls
  3. Sea of rings
  4. Cargo net
  5. Traverse beam
  6. Spider Wall
  7. Slanted steps
  8. Warped walls

Oh, we can’t forget some of the most thrill seeking adventures:

  1. Face off wall climb
  2. Cargo net climb

A great way to show off your speed and coordination!

Conquering each element will build strength, agility and most importantly confidence.
Some of the elements will be more difficult than others, however they will all, always assist with focus & concentration, improved coordination, increased agility, exceptional balance and spatial awareness.
More Information on The Ninja Adult Course coming soon!