COVID-19 Phase 1 Reopening Information

We?re Back!

We are thrilled to be able to offer a limited number of classes to get our athletes on the ice.? Due to Phase 1 Provincial Regulations we are only able to offer private classes (1 student with 1 instructor) at this time for both Skaters and Goalies, and Ice Rentals.? Ice Rentals are also limited to 2 people at a time per rental.? Private lessons and rentals are both for half ice, so during any period of time there will be up to 4 people on the ice, 2 people per side.

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BUY Goalie Sessions:

Goalie 30min Private Session (Single Class $95)

Goalie 30min Private Session (5 Pack of Classes)

Goalie 30min Private Sessions (10 Pack of Classes SAVE $50)

BUY Player Sessions:

Player 1 Hour Private Session (Single Class $160)

Player 1 Hour Private Session (5 Pack of Classes)

Player 1 Hour Private Sessions (10 Pack of Classes SAVE $50)

BUY Half Ice Rentals:

Half Ice 1 Hour Rental (2 Participants)

Half Ice 1 Hour Rental (2 Participants) (5 Pack)

What you need to know:

  1. It is vital to understand that we do not take our reopening lightly as it? pertains to the health of our clients and of our staff. As such there will be strict protocols in place as per government guidelines.?
  2. We have established an updated policy and procedures around the cleaning of our facility using only government approved cleaning products.?
  3. The Gym and Ninja course will remain closed
  4. With reopening all Barn Buck packages will be extended by the length of the period in which we were closed. All classes and programs that we were not able to deliver will result in a credit.
  5. We are moving away from Barn Bucks in favor of a more streamlined offering that is easier to understand with greater benefits. We have not completed the new model yet as our focus has been on reopening. In the meantime all current Barn Bucks outstanding will continue to be accepted.?
  6. We are in the process of changing payment processors as well.? During this period of time you will not be able to pay at the time of registration, but you will receive an invoice with online payment options so that we can still provide an online payment solution and contactless payments.

Safety Protocols We All Must Follow?

  1. Players will arrive at the front door. They will use hand sanitizer as they enter.
  2. Players will be asked questions by our front office staff to ensure they are safe to entire our facility. We reserve the right to turn players away who appear to be sick, have been in contact with someone who is sick or is just returning from traveling.?
  3. There will be no spectators including parents?
  4. We will not be using change rooms. Players will need to come to the rink at least halfway dressed.
  5. As a result of no parents/spectators, players will have to be able to tie their own skates or come with them already tied and wearing skate guards.?
  6. Players will be guided as to which bench to use to finish getting ready. After each use this bench will be cleaned.?
  7. Once the session is over players will leave via the back door beside the zamboni door.
  8. Prior to exiting the building the players will again have hand sanitizer to apply.

Again, we couldn?t be happier about reopening and look forward to being able to fully reopen in the near future. A big part of this will come from everyone, including staff and clients respecting the protocols that have been put in place.?

We look forward to seeing you at The Barn! Should you have any questions please contact us at or call us at 289.481.1046. We do anticipate a very high volume of inquiries at first so please be patient with us. We will respond as quickly? as possible.?

Take care and welcome back,

Paul Vorstadt,
General Manager