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Team Training at the Barn EPC

With Sports Progressing through the years athletes must compete to take their game to the next level. Circuit style off ice training has become a staple in increasing their fitness level pre, post and during season. Programs are designed to increase Speed, Power, Agility, Strength and Quickness.
From the first day they step into the gym to the start of their season we ensure that training is not their limiting factor – Results are what set us apart.
1 hour team off ice training available Monday – Friday evenings on the Turf at the Barn EPC.
Please contact Leanna Maley for Pricing, Booking or Inquiries:
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You DO NOT need to workout for hours on end to reach your goals!

Our 3-step program is tailored to to get you results training the RIGHT way
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In a day where there is a gym on every corner and everyone is an expert, what sets us apart from others…RESULTS… 25 years to be exact!

With the right training where you are overseen by professional experienced coaches, combined with a culture where people work together and know about good gym etiquette, you are assured to have an enjoyable training experience. We limit the number of people in the training area, so you don’t have to wait in an overcrowd room for the equipment you need to do your program.

At other gyms and clubs people look the same months…sometimes even years later never reaching their full potential or their goals. We’re not going to let that happen…..our name and reputation is on the line

We have been helping thousands of athletes get in the best shape of their lives and we are now offering our expertise to adults as well.

More people go to the gym than ever before, yet they don’t get in better shape or reach their goals.


Most times it is the workout programs and nutrition they follow that are taught by the run of the mill fitness instructors whose approach is often outdated and usually wrong. Unknowingly, people follow along believing they are headed on the right path, but seeing no results and getting discouraged and frustrated in the process.

We’re going to fix that!

The first time here we are going to do a 360° assessment and collect information to find out what your body needs and determine the underlying reasons you don’t look and feel the way you think you should.

  • We’ll use 12 body fat sites that quickly and accurately give us a snap shot of your endocrine system
  • Lifestyle and nutritional analysis
  • A detailed lower body and upper body screening including:

Muscle Tested
Muscle imbalances
Movement and postural assessment

With completion of Step 1 you head home and the rest is up to us.

After we gather all your data we design a specific individualized program from what we saw for you and your goals. Whether a big birthday is coming up, a trip in the near future or just tired of being tired.

You will receive hands on coaching we walk you through all the details of your program and exercise technique.

We will give you a detailed nutrition and supplement protocol tailored to give you the best method to achieve the results you are looking for. This will help you have a better understanding what you should eat, how to enhance the quality of your sleep, how to increase morning energy and what basic lifestyles adjustments are recommended to speed up your progress.

You will have access to our nutritional on line support when you are away from the centre and will be given an account with sign in privileges so that you can work out at your convenience.

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For busy and out in less than an hour.
Get results fast!

Fit n Fab is our program designed for WOMEN
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Fit n Fab Program for Women

Created for the results orientated woman.

If you are stuck, had numerous gym memberships, followed fad diets and did boot camps all without the results you are looking for then look no further because we are your new results orientated place.

We’ll remove your frustration and make it simple…not easy. We will show you the best and fastest way to get results and the rest is up to you.

We know you are busy, have limited time and are being pulled in every direction. Our program insures you are in and out of the door in under an hour. There is a limited number of people in the training area at any given time so you won’t have to wait in an overcrowd room, feeling out of place and intimated. You will have access to all the equipment your customized program calls for.

  • No dieting…you will never be hungry
  • No boring cardio
  • Upper and lower body assessment
  • Nutritional analysis & protocol
  • Individualized training program tailored to your needs
  • Supervised training
  • Open 7 days a week and unlimited access to the training facilities

RESULTS…that is what sets us apart

Everybody wants the best for their son or daughter and their training shouldn’t be any different.

In a day where there is a gym on every corner and everyone is an expert, what sets us apart from others…RESULTS… 25 years to be exact.

Your son or daughter is a unique individual and they will be trained that way.

From the first day they walk into the gym to the start of their season their program is periodized and adjusted to them. We are going to make sure their training is not the limiting factor.

We don’t and never will use cookie cutter programs. Each individual has their program created from their assessment and adjusted as they approach their season whether they are stepping on the ice or the field. They have to be ready to perform, excel and most importantly be better than they were before.

The initial assessment drives the program design which includes:

  • Bio signature assessment
  • Nutritional analysis
  • A detailed lower body & upper body assessment
  • Muscle Tested
  • Muscle imbalances
  • Muscle fiber make up
  • Injuries past and present that are limiting the athlete
  • Functional movement screening

Each athlete receives a program that will get you to your ideal body fat %, weight for your sport and position, increase your strength, speed and make sure you are the best conditioned athlete on the team. We use a wide array of tools and skill set to achieve our goals:

  • Individually designed program waiting for each individual when they arrive
  • Each athlete receives a nutritional and supplement protocol designed for their specific needs, with on line support when they are away from the centre.
  • Trigger point activation
  • Muscle activation
  • Naturopathy
  • Acupressure
  • Sleds
  • Strongman equipment
  • Olympic weightlifting platform
  • Thick Grip Barbells and Dumbbells
  • Tires

Our Happy Clients

” I am 50 now and in the best shape of my life; better than then when I played varsity soccer in my twenties! Brad’s an amazing trainer and he’s also a wonderful source for nutritional information. Thanks Brad you are awesome!”

Beth Jolicoeur

” My balance, flexibility, walking and all over body and mind have improved greatly. I will continue to strive for success because EPC has given me the opportunity to exceed and defy the odds of a person with a disability. “

Brad Sexton

troy-josephs” EPC encompasses a lifestyle that allows those to reach ones potential and is a place where results truly show “

Troy Josephs

Pittsburgh Penguins Draft Pick 2013
Clarkson University NCAA

” I started training at EPC because I could not find any other personal training that included so many services for such an amazing price. From my past experience, the detailed assessment & nutritional seminar included at EPC was an essential component that mostly trainers ignore… “

Rhonda Martin

” I have more confidence and believe in myself. It helps when you have someone like Brad who believes in you. It has been 2 years now, and I still look forward to going to the gym. “

Tracy Lloyd